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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The End is Near

            Our blogging adventure has at last come to a close for this semester. The New Year arrives and weekly habitual actions find themselves replaced by other, less desirable things. However, the AP English teacher decided to make the weekly action of blogging “go out with a bang.” All the AP English students know of our teacher’s dedication towards the sports world. Therefore, I think her students can all agree that ESPN’s top ten sports plays of 2012 inspired her with the idea of this next blog post. Why not take the coolest moments of our blogging adventure and compile them all into one paragraph? Genius. I look forward to reading this week’s list of blogs because it will parallel watching a highlight film of our class’s greatest works. So, without further ado, I take pleasure in sharing my own top features from my blog. A couple of blogs battled for the position of the “Most Well-Written Blog Award.” However, “The Surprisingly Dreadful Day” came out on top for a variety of reasons. To begin with, the blog catches the reader’s attention with a surprisingly ironic statement. I then continued to write about a small anecdote that happened in English class at the beginning of the second quarter, relatable to all my readers and containing a touch of humor to keep one’s focus. I proceed to transition to a light-hearted mood to a more serious topic of answering the question: why does a leader emerge within a pair of people? The blog analyzes the “Second Bakery Attack” to solve such a question in a very coherent manner if I say so myself. This blog also found its way onto the AP English Blogger Show, invoking pride towards this short paragraph. Next, we move on to the “Most Interesting Blog Award.” Again we had a war between posts to make it to the podium but only one prevailed: “Ernie Should Have Confided in Bert.” I believe this post proved my most intriguing piece of writing because it shared with my audience a lot about myself as a person. Looking back on it now, I think that after a summer of reading other’s blogs and commenting with one another, this paragraph deemed the breakpoint in my ability to feel comfortable with my blogging. Therefore one can understand why I find this post most interesting; I could not believe I voiced such strong opinions and disrespectfulness to my classmates and on the web. For example, I informed my peers of my fearfulness of finding myself in a situation necessitating small talk. Finally, Claire Kampman won the award for “Favorite Comment Award.” Let me share with the audience a snippet of her reply: “Competition drives success, and losing builds character.” I absolutely love this quote because I could not agree with it more. Competition drives the ways of the world and promotes hard work as well as entertainment. Thank you Claire for your enlightenment to my blog.

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